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Talking. pssh, no problem. If you need someone to to present your presentation, meet clients and/or someone who isn't afraid of cold calling to potential clients for your business, I'm your guy. Interaction and meeting people comes easy. You can never know too many people in this world and that idea fascinates me.


Energy is power.

Positive attitude and motivation is what you are going to get every day around this human. I can weather through any storm and with a stress-free individual, you can accomplish many tasks and influence the world. Smile. Be happy and help a brother out. A small compliment or piece of advice can go a long way.


Someone's got to keep the light on. The daily factory that my brain churns from day to day is what keeps that light bulb shining. No one likes shooting in the dark. The critical thinking and strategic insights developed in my mind will drive conversation. First in foremost, my goal is to spark conversation and create direction.



Building insights is the first and foremost driver of any objective. Insights are the foundation of beliefs and emotions and are the real reason why you get up in the morning. It's why, to this day, cherios are round. Someone believed that cherios were going to be round for a reason. You like cherios, you'll want me on your team.

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