Children Of The World

Bringing Love, Hope, & Homes to the Orphaned.


Psalm 68 : 5


One Less


The story began 27 years ago with two parents who believed in love, hope and the gift of [children] in the heart of Mobile, Alabama.


They traveled to depths of South America to be matched up with two boys, a week apart.  These parents were mashed up by the grace of God filled with unconditional love. Every day, the gift of love projects through the spirit of our family and now an opportunity to share the love anyway we can. Through our childhood, we were always told that we are special.

Til this day, our history are unknown, but we always value the future and the magic in the moments. We are forward thinkers. For our family, we believe and embrace the joy of the world. Now, it is our time to share it with you.

I've spent the past four years trying to find the magic in the moment and finally found it. We believe in giving more than we expect to receive, and it starts here. On this page. I want to thank everyone for the support and hope one day we can challenge and support each and every person who joins the Box Of Joy Co. Family.

- Joseph P. Thomas