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Work. Experience. Life.


Tel: 251.300.0852

Experience. Dream. Influence. These are the three words that determine my life in a nutshell. It is the Joseph Thomas story. A unique story that takes you on a ride from the depths of the Amazon to under the blue skies in Alabama. My father once told me, "Son, make the biggest moments of your life even bigger." This motto has taught me to dream new dreams and to always stay hungry for the opportunities that may lurk through life.


I was adopted from Asuncion, Paraguay, by my parents James and Mimi Thomas in 1994. I was then raised in Mobile, Alabama, being active and the artistic worlds of music and sports. I joined the college ranks attending The University of Alabama to study public relations with a minor in Spanish. The University of Alabama has offered me the opportunity to dream big dreams. Over the years I have experienced two internships as a creative designer and served as an assistant account intern for MELT Marketing Agency in the Buckhead suburb of Atlanta Georgia, under Vince Thompson. As I spend my time cruising down the street in my Camry, I fill my wonderment with TED Talks and endless ideas on how to brush the world to a better place.


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